1 Capsule

Only one capsule a day provides pain relief.*†

1 Ingredient

One powerful ingredient provides 3 x the benefits.*

4 Days

Is all it takes to experience reduced joint stiffness.*†

7-10 Days

Experience pain relief in a fast 7-10 days.*†

Such a Powerful Ingredient

Supporting your cartilage is the key to long-term joint health. *† More and more health-conscious, active individuals feeling occasional aches and pains are looking for a natural alternative to reach for - something to use proactively that will not only support joint flexibility quickly, but also ensure their future joint health.


Our signature product, NEM®, was born in the Midwestern heartland. As our founder watched yet another truckload full of discarded shells drive off from an egg-breaking facility, he thought, “There has to be something good that can come out of all those eggshells.” At the time, 600,000 tons of the empty shells were headed to American landfills each year.

After studying the health benefits of eggshell membrane and finding that it had been used for countless health benefits all the way back to Japan’s antiquity, our company began its mission to transform this wasted resource into a powerful, naturally sourced joint health supplement.

Fast-forward a few years and today we are preventing thousands of tons of eggshells from becoming environmental waste while contributing to the wellness of our consumers and their pets. The environmentally friendly manufacturing process used within our FDA inspected, NSF-certified GMP facilities leaves no detrimental ecological footprint as we deliver joint health benefits to individuals around the world!

NEM contains naturally-occurring glycosaminoglycans, such as chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, as well as three varieties of collagen. Unlike any other ingredients on the market, just one daily capsule of NEM supports three key factors of joint health. Clinical trials in healthy people have demonstrated NEM's ability to reduce joint stiffness from exercise in just four days, as well as relieve joint aches and pain from over-exertion.*† NEM may even help support cartilage from degradation associated with normal wear and tear in healthy individuals as seen in the above mentioned study.*†


NEM is a natural, food-sourced ingredient that is manufactured in the USA within FDA-inspected, NSF-certified GMP facilities using an environmentally friendly patented manufacturing process. Every lot of NEM undergoes "release" testing which includes; verifying it is low in toxic heavy metals and ensuring it is free from pathogenic bacteria. Our attention to detail and passion for assisting our finished product partners in creating high quality, effective products can be seen within every step of our commercialization process.

  • Safe (Self-affirmed GRAS), Non-GMO, Ovo-vegetarian
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA Inspected, NSF Certified, GMP Facilities
  • Certified Kosher and Halal

NEM brand eggshell membrane contains 3 X the Support. In human clinical trials NEM. has shown to help SUPPORT healthy joints against Pain, Stiffness and Cartilage break-down.* NEM is a natural, food-sourced ingredient and with only a small, 500 mg daily dose, NEM provides fast-acting joint support - in as little as 4-11 days* and is sustainably sourced from a renewable supply of US-domestic eggshells.

Key Benefits


NEM® delivers fast and continued results*


NEM® supports joint comfort*


NEM® may help reduce joint aches and pains*


NEM® may provide a rapid reduction of exercise-induced joint pain in as few as 8 days*

Key Benefits


NEM® may help reduce joint stiffness in a quick 4 days*


NEM® may help promote joint flexibility*


NEM® may help provide a faster recovery from exercise-induced stiffness*

Key Benefits


Mechanism of action studies suggest that NEM® may help reduce cartilage degradation associated with normal wear and tear*


NEM® may provide significant support for overall joint health*


NEM® naturally contains many of the same key nutrients found in healthy joint cartilage including glycosaminoglycans (chondroitin & hyaluronic acid), collagen, and peptides*


Stratum prides itself in designing our own highly intentional research studies and has a proven track record of consistently being published in peer reviewed scientific journals. 

We invest a great deal of time, effort, and other resources in ensuring our product partners are armed with the comprehensive research support for their finished product formulations.

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