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Two New Studies Confirm BLIS M18™ Effective Against Black Teeth Staining

May 21st, 2020 (Carthage, MO USA) Blis Technologies Limited and Stratum Nutrition®, the exclusive North American distributor for the Blis Technologies’ ingredients, announce the publication of two recent studies, one in vitro trial and one clinical trial, which investigated the effects of BLIS M18 on black teeth staining and found that BLIS M18 is effective in inhibiting bacteria that cause black teeth staining.

Both the probiotic, BLIS M18 and its cell-free supernatant, have been shown to be effective in controlling the action of chromogenic bacteria that cause black dental stains. Present in 1-20% of children and adults, black dental stains can be removed by professional cleaning but usually recur.

BLIS M18 was shown in a recent in vitro study to inhibit two of the bacterial species that cause the black stains to form on teeth. In a companion clinical trial in children, BLIS M18 was shown to discourage the recurrence of the black stains after removal of professional cleaning.

Product Manager, Alexis Collins, stated, “Stratum Nutrition’s partner, BLIS Technologies, continues to produce stellar clinical research that shows the many different benefits and mechanisms of action of BLIS M18. In this most recent clinical trial, we can see how the unique bacteriocins and enzymes produced by BLIS M18 not only help prevent the formation of dental plaque, but also help prevent the activity of specific bacteria responsible for black teeth stains. There are undoubtedly more actions of BLIS M18 that benefit dental and gum health, and we are proud to be partnered with BLIS Technologies as they continue to pursue research on this unique oral-colonizing probiotic.”

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